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Climate change and the introduction of new technologies into workplaces are among the key issues facing governments and businesses.

While these global challenges are being considered as part of national agendas and actions, from striving for Net Zero targets to paving the way for technological innovation, we must not forget that there are also worker rights to protect and OSH risks, opportunities and challenges to address. We must be holistic and consultative in our approach.  

Higher temperatures and sudden extreme weather events are among the issues caused by climate change which could harm working people. For many businesses, especially those with outdoor workers, there is the likelihood they will have to make significant changes to operating models in response to such issues. 

Meanwhile, new technologies – while having the potential to create ways to better protect workers, including removing the need for high-risk activities – might introduce new risks. Rapid and unchecked technology adoption in workplaces can pose a real risk of harm, so it’s crucial that health and safety is considered from the design and implementation stages. 

We must also consider global megatrends such as the rise of non-permanent work, including platform-based employment. The incoming Government must take these and other related issues seriously and consider how people can be protected at work. 

Our calls to action
Be proactive on laws, regulation and support for businesses to ensure new technologies, climate change and the green transition do not harm workers. 
Ensure all non-permanent ‘gig’ workers can receive compensation for work accidents and occupational diseases. Secure their right to good working conditions, a minimum wage, working time protection and collective bargaining, including union representation.