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Promote an inclusive workforce

Supporting future generations of workers with relevant skills was among the top three priorities of OSH professionals, according to IOSH’s survey.

It’s clear to see why, as this is something which can have a significant impact on safety and health standards.

Inclusive workplaces that accept, respect and harness people’s differences lay strong foundations for growth, productivity and progress. Research by the Young Foundation involving IOSH and 11 other professional membership and regulatory bodies reported that “prioritising inclusion leads to better outcomes”. 

IOSH believes that investing in this area can bring significant advantages. If diverse workers are furnished with the necessary levels of OSH awareness, knowledge and skills, they can support businesses in building cultures conducive to high productivity. 

And it’s not just about skills. A safe and healthy world of work means feeling safe as well as being safe, where people feel comfortable bringing their whole selves to work.  

If the incoming Government is serious about building a successful economy for the UK, this is a key area to target.

Our calls to action 
Help deliver inclusive workplaces by mainstreaming diversity into occupational safety and health legislation, national policies and strategies and workplace action. 
Equip workers with the necessary health and safety awareness, knowledge and skills to build positive and proactive cultures now and for future generations.